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Cosmic Run

Travis County Expo Center
Friday, Dec 6, 6:00 pm

Cosmic Run is the premiere nocturnal event that is the first of its kind. You will experience the most extravagant expressions of light, sound, and color as you journey 5 kilometers in a cosmic world filled with never-before-seen lighting and animation elements, fluorescent-glowing colors, and heart-pounding dance music. Each Cosmic Run event is fully customized with its own special lighting elements and mesmerizing visual experiences, all of which are artistically created by never-before-seen lighting technologies that produce a mind-altering world. You will witness the most electrifying display of light and color that this world has ever seen. Not only will you experience visuals that push the limits of reality, but you will also become like these visual elements and colors around you when you transform into cosmic colors that illuminate with the most vibrant hues known to man. So, you will see the cosmos, and you will BE the cosmos. Combine this with electrifying dance music that will join you along your entire 5K journey and into the LIVE Cosmic After-party, and you have an experience that stimulates all of your senses

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